In light of the ongoing public health crisis surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, SPLC leadership has made the decision to hold the 2020 Summit + Connect as a completely virtual event, May 18-20th. We intend to bring our high-quality, in-person Summit experience to a real-time, “live” community setting, while keeping changes to our amazing program to a minimum. Visit our 2020 Summit pages to view our full program line-up, review updated FAQs, and get all the details.. See you at the 2020 Summit!

SPLC names corporate social responsiblity and supply chain leader Donna Westerman CEO. Read the full press release here!

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Why members say they join…

Here are a few of the reasons why our current members have told us they joined.



Public Interest Advocates


be at the forefront of the movement to transform the sustainability of our economybe at the table when guidance is being developed for products or services you sellhelp raise the standards used in trillions of dollars worth of purchasing decisions


enhance efficiency of staff;
reduce consulting costs;
affordable training for your staff;
share costs of
supplier engagement;
avoid mistakes
reduce costs associated with market confusion;
harmonize data requests to address “survey fatigue”
reduce cost of promoting new science and best practices;
lower risk that guidance and tools will be under-utilized


find preferable solutions that fulfill your end users’ needs;
meet and exceed mandates
receive recognition for your leadership
align offerings to expressed market needs;
align brand with Council’s sustainability leadership
improve outcomes by getting upstream of downstream impacts;
expand reach of existing efforts


gain access to trustworthy, ready-to-use guidance;
gain insight into peer efforts & market direction;
develop networks of peers and forward-thinking suppliers
gain insight into needs and expectations of leading large organizations;
develop networks of peers and forward-thinking purchasers
gain insight into procurement processes and current challenges;
develop relationships with potential partners

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