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Guiding and connecting our members toward a socially just and sustainable purchasing future.

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SPLC’s Strategic Program Planning Process (SP3) assists members with developing a strategic approach to sustainable purchasing. This strategic approach allows our members to commit to goals and strategies that align to their organizational priorities and have a positive impact on the environment and society. Learn more about SP3.

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Our membership comes from a diverse background of purchasers, suppliers, advocates, certifiers and academics. But the thing they all have in common is that they are LEADERS. Join the SPLC today and become part of our vibrant member community. Become a Member

Why our members join

  • “The Council will help institutional buyers to efficiently and accurately incorporate sustainability into procurement decisions.”


    Deputy Director | GHG Protocol, World Resources Institute
    Former Founding Director | Climate Leaders Program, U.S. EPA

  • “It’s great to be a part of a community that has focus, energy, and passion for delivering on the commitment to improve the relevant environmental, social, and economic impacts in purchasing.”


    VP, Aeronautics Quality Transformation | Lockheed Martin Co.

  • “SPLC is a community that provides expert guidance and a wealth of resources for continuously improving the sustainability of supply chains. Whether you manage supply chains in the public or private sector or you are a supplier seeking to collaborate with customers to optimize sustainable supply chains, SPLC will prove to be a worthwhile investment.”


    Director, Supplier Sustainability and Diversity | PG&E

  • “The Council’s multi-stakeholder guidance and clear thinking make it a voice worth listening to.”


    Green Purchasing Coordinator | City of Washington, DC

  • “SPLC’s Guidance has allowed us to apply an unprecedented strategic approach to our sustainable procurement efforts, and brought more attention and excitement to our program than I have seen in years.”


    Sustainability Analyst | City of Santa Monica

  • “It’s very exciting to have an organization that supports and guides our procurement with principles for sustainable purchasing, so that there is a common language and standard protocol for sustainable purchasing.”


    VP, Supply Chain | Interface

  • “I’m really excited to see a group coming together to do what all of us purchasing managers have been waiting to see for a long time.”


    Sustainable Sourcing & Travel Manager | World Wildlife Fund

  • “EPA supports efforts to clarify and propel the sustainable products movement and hopes the Council will be successful in its important work.”


    Acting Administrator and Deputy Administrator | U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  • “The institution with the greatest potential to advance sustainability into society is business. The Council will leverage this influence to help shape the future of sustainable procurement.”


    Certification Officer | GreenCircle Certified, LLC

  • “As a Founding Member, we believe the Council will help unleash the power of institutional buying to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainability.”


    Senior Director, Environmental Strategy | Office Depot
    Co-Chair, Steering Committee | Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

  • “As a founding member, FedEx is using SPLC’s Guidance to build on our existing efforts to drive and refine sustainability language into our contracts. The structure approach ensures stakeholder alignment and provides transparency throughout the process.”


    Director, Sourcing | FedEx Services

  • “SPLC is bringing clarity and rigor to the often amorphous topic of sustainable purchasing. By providing the framework to define and recognize leadership in the field, SPLC is helping orient the marketplace to benefit people and the planet.”


    Director, Office of Sustainability Support | US Department of Energy

A Message from the CEO:

Since our inception at Sustainable Purchasing, we have been committed to moving forward to identify solutions to problems through the planet. We join with our colleagues, partners and friends of all backgrounds, and the groundswell of people in countries throughout the world who are committed to forward-thinking and creative solutions to combatting racism and promoting inclusion, acceptance, dignity, and justice. The heart of Sustainable Purchasing is building and celebrating communities. We hope this new community that is forming changes the world.”

– Donna Westerman

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