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SPLC Navigator

THE solution for understanding and building your strategic program
, SPLC NavigatorSM is an all-in-one digital platform providing sustainable procurement measurement, benchmarking, performance tracking, targeted actions, and supporting resources to drive program maturity and positive impact.

Navigator enables procurement and sourcing professionals and their organizations to develop and maintain a roadmap towards sustainable procurement excellence over time. The platform is purposely built to provide value to organizations of:

  • ANY sector – e.g. corporations, governments, universities, and non-profits
  • ANY size / amount of spend
  • ALL purchasing models – centralized or decentralized; direct and/or indirect
  • ANY stage of sustainable procurement implementation – beginner to leader/innovator

Navigator is your starting point for unlocking SPLC's full suite of programs, resources, and tools, taking the sustainable procurement activities for your entire organization to the next level. The platform draws on the SPLC’s decade of learning, testing, and improving sustainable procurement best practices in collaboration with hundreds of procurement and sustainability leaders – every element has been tested, piloted, refined, and strengthened over that decade of work under the oversight of SPLC's SP Assessment Working Group

Navigator Now Available to SPLC Members

SPLC members now have free access to Navigator and the 2024 SP Assessment, allowing them to leverage the platform for their annual SP performance reporting against sectoral, spend, geography, industry, and other benchmarks – and further supported by action plan recommendations for the coming year. Refer to the SPLC Member Community for more details.   

If your organization is not an SPLC member, consider joining now to avoid the non-member fees and get full access to SPLC's program offerings.  

NOTE: The 2024 SP Assessment reporting window will close on July 17th, followed by the 2024 Sustainable Procurement Report. 



2023 Sustainable Procurement Snapshot

In early 2023, following two years of intensive development work and piloting, SPLC member organizations were invited to participate in an Inaugural launch of the SP Assessment Tool (the Navigator platform’s precursor).   Organizations are invited to review this first annual performance report, which offers new and valuable insights into the strengths, weaknesses, and maturity of current sustainable procurement practices across corporate, government, and educational institution purchasing and points up significant opportunities for further progress.   

Download your copy of the 2023 Sustainable Procurement Snapshot Report

For more information on SPLC Navigator and SPLC's Annual Sustainable Procurement Report, e-mail info@sustainablepurchasing.org

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