The SPLC Learning Hub is a virtual training hub providing a wide range of concise sustainable procurement courses. Access self-paced courses with short, engaging 3 to 7-minute videos, quizzes, and resources covering various programs, issues, and category-level topics. The SPLC Learning Hub is perfect for any procurement professional or team new to sustainability and ready to create a sustainable procurement strategy.

The platform will support the education of procurement teams that may not have a sustainability background. Courses will cover topics including:

  • Sustainability and sustainable procurement key terms/definitions

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Supplier engagement

  • Standards, certification, and ecolabels

  • Supplier reporting

  • Issues such as GHG emissions, circular economy, and supplier diversity

  • Categories such IT equipment 

  • And more!

Each course consists of 5 to 7 units/modules delivered through easily digestible 3 to 7-minute videos, accompanied by quizzes to keep learners engaged. This structure allows you and/or your team to engage in self-paced learning, ensuring a flexible and convenient training experience. 

Following refinement based on pilot participant suggestions, the SPLC Learning Hub will open its doors to SPLC members later this year, with availability to nonmembers coming early in 2024.

All SPLC members will receive five free seats. Additional seats can be purchased to accommodate larger teams and non SPLC members.

  • $90 annual subscription (per seat) for SPLC members
  • $150 annual subscription (per seat) for non-members