SPLC Strategic Program Development Coaching

SPLC coaching is aligned with our most fundamental principle – that the benefits of sustainable procurement depend on taking a strategic and programmatic approach, rather than opportunistic steps unrelated to a central set of commitments. 


Our coaching work supports participants to develop a roadmap that:
  • Prioritizes efforts to align with organizational commitments and address significant impacts
  • Develops an overarching mission and vision to guide their sustainable purchasing program
  • Establishes meaningful and measurable goals aligned with their priorities
  • Identifies solution strategies that will best support their progress toward goals
  • Enlists key stakeholders in support of their sustainable procurement strategy, and
  • Increases the capacity and impact of their program over time


SPLC Coaches conduct virtual meetings with sustainable procurement teams and leaders, with individualized work assignments between each, to develop and refine the sustainable procurement program goals and strategies that best meet their organization’s needs and commitments.

  • Members receive SP Team Launch coaching as they onboard to the SPLC
  • A variety of paid coaching options and add-ons are available to members for more in-depth or topically-focused coaching
  • Non-Members may contract for paid coaching engagements as capacity is available


The end result of SP Coaching is a deeper understanding of the strategic approach to sustainable procurement program development, a detailed overall plan, a set of specific goals, and identified focus areas, tactics, and strategies to leverage for meeting each goal.


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