What We Do

The Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) is a global community of purchasers, suppliers, advocates, and experts dedicated to driving positive impact through the power of procurement. 

Our Mission

Building a sustainable world through the power of procurement 


Our Vision

A future where all procurement is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

SPLC is your organization’s hub for creating a sustainable procurement program that delivers measurable, meaningful impact. Through our cutting-edge programming, SPLC members are able to leverage their procurement for positive environmental and social benefits. SPLC members collaborate with peers and leaders across the value chain to innovate, aggregate demand, and amplify their impact.


We do this by supporting: 

  • Learning through developing quick-start guidance and offering coaching and strategy for designing your sustainable procurement program;

  • Implementing solutions for goal setting, sustainable procurement practice and impact measurement; 

  • Assessing outcomes and ongoing performance to meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders and; 

  • Innovating by designing and testing cutting-edge solutions to complex sustainability challenges.


Thereby allowing members to: 

  • Target their most meaningful opportunities to influence the social, environmental, and economic life cycle impacts of goods and services;

  • Execute sustainable procurement based on leading, proven solutions; 

  • Report progress & impact and;

  • Move markets to amplify impact, build business resilience and drive ecosystem change.


SPLC empowers organizations and individuals to leverage procurement for meaningful sustainability impact. Our decade of experience means members cut through the noise and talk directly to procurement experts with a proven track record of designing and executing meaningful sustainable purchasing strategies for hundreds of companies and organizations. 

How do we do this? 
  • We design custom roadmaps with members for sustainable procurement success.
  • We provide category and issue-level guidance for ease of implementation.  
  • We network you with others for faster, more practical learning and professional support.

Members also get access to our member community, a one-stop shop that consolidates guidance, case studies, webinars, contract language, tools, and organizational resources relevant to each product and service category. 

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