2023 SPLC Summit Receives Visionary Rating in Sustainability from MeetGreen


Each year, SPLC strives to produce a conference using innovative practices that lessen our impact and reflect our social, environmental, and economic values.  SPLC models the practices discussed in our conference sessions to reduce the impact of this event, and illustrates ways other events can similarly reduce their impacts. 

Additionally, SPLC began working with MeetGreen® in 2016 to manage conference logistics and provide leadership and expertise in sustainability related to meeting management. MeetGreen® is independently certified compliant with the ISO 20121: Event Sustainability Management System Standard. All aspects of their work for SPLC comply with ISO 20121 approaches.  

We are thrilled to share the sustainability report for the 2023 Summit. MeetGreen granted us the designation as a Visionary in event sustainability. The definition of Visionary is an organization that  leads within their own industry, prioritizes measurement and works to move the sustainability dial. They also research and develop new initiatives to improve environmental performance and use the organization’s buying power to drive change with venues and vendors.

Click here to view the full event sustainability report.