SPLC Receives Funding via EPA Grant Awarded to Portland State University


The SPLC is excited to announce that we’ve received funding to support sustainable procurement in tribal communities in Oregon. Funding for this 2 year project comes from a Pollution Prevention grant awarded to Portland State University (PSU), a partnership with the SPLC, NW Native Chamber of Commerce, and Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Centers, and PSU.

Through this work, we will develop culturally appropriate versions of our sustainable procurement trainings and deliver these trainings to native-owned businesses, with an emphasis on protecting human health and the environment by choosing safer products. Learnings from this project may be shared with tribal communities in other regions, allowing us to grow sustainable procurement and drive impact across the country. On October 12, EPA Deputy Assistant Administrator Jennie Romer and EPA Region 10 Administrator Casey Sixkiller came to Portland to meet with the grant recipients, including SPLC’s Johanna Anderson, and to announce the award. Check out the local press coverage for this important work!