Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council Announces Submission Deadline Extension for SPLC Navigator



July 3, 2024 - The Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) is pleased to announce that the deadline for submissions for the SPLC Navigator has been extended to September 27, 2024. This extension provides organizations additional time to complete their self-assessment reporting and take full advantage of the comprehensive tools and resources offered by SPLC Navigator.

SPLC Navigator, launched on May 6, 2024, scales sustainable procurement best practices by providing procurement teams with a comprehensive pulse check and diagnosis of their current sustainability initiatives, whatever stage they are at. The assessment process enables organizations to benchmark against their peers, understand their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, and set a supported path forward to a robust, strategic sustainable procurement program.

“Procurement and sustainability professionals understand the opportunities of driving positive impact through their organization’s spend,” said Kris Spriano, Interim CEO and Director of Knowledge Design and Development at SPLC. “The SPLC Navigator platform was developed to equip these teams and their organizations with a clear view on how to operationalize sustainability through purchasing and provide the support they need to advance their performance and further realize those opportunities in a meaningful way.”

The SPLC Navigator platform draws on the SPLC’s decade of learning, prioritizing, and improving sustainable procurement best practices in collaboration with hundreds of procurement and sustainability leaders from corporations, governments, and universities. The sustainable procurement self-assessment criteria was developed, tested, piloted, and refined by SPLC's SP Assessment Working Group in alignment with SPLC’s multi-stakeholder frameworks, guidance, and prioritization approaches, along with relevant organization-level sustainability and risk frameworks, principles, and reporting systems. The resulting criteria is organized across five measured pillars:

  • Strategic Integration
  • Product Sustainability
  • Supplier Sustainability
  • Make it Matter (i.e. Supplier Accountability)
  • External Leadership

Key performance indicators (KPIs) within each pillar are self-assessed relevant to that organization's prioritized sustainability impacts and spend, in order to obtain an overall sustainable procurement score. This score can then be compared to peers within the same type of organization (e.g. corporate, government, educational institution) to understand performance to the criteria and similar organizations. Organizations may also opt into deepening their analysis with internal departmental comparisons, providing gamification opportunities to further incentivize progress. Organizations and departments are then presented with a list of next steps and supporting resources to build into a roadmap for the coming year.   

With the new submission deadline, organizations have until September 27, 2024, at 5:00 pm PST to complete their 2024 self-assessment reporting. Real-time benchmarking provided by the platform prior to this date will reflect comparisons to 2023 submissions. After this date, real-time benchmarking will reflect comparisons to the final 2024 submitted data.  

SPLC Navigator is included with SPLC membership and available to nonmembers for purchase. To learn more about SPLC Navigator and how it can benefit your organization, visit the SPLC website.

SPLC Navigator is made possible through technology sponsorships from Rose International, Sustainability Advantage, and MGM Resorts, and a technology partnership with SHIFT. Additional sponsorship opportunities are available. 

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